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Virtual tours and floor plans tool for property managers

Room Planner help property managers streamline their property management process. With our intuitive interface, you can create floor plans, walktroughs and panoramas for rental properties, making it easier to manage and rent out your properties. This helps you to optimize each space and make it more attractive to potential renters, ultimately leading to more leases and higher revenue.

Creating virtual houses is not only for PROs anymore. A growing number of homeowners and renters are interested in creating immersive digital replicas of their homes for a variety of reasons:

  • Using the virtual model to assist with design and renovation projects

  • Documenting their possessions for insurance purposes

  • Preserving memories

  • Simply sharing their home with others.





Time-consuming process of creating floor plans and visualizations for rental properties.


Property managers with multiple properties or high tenant turnover.


Visually appealing virtual tours to attract more potential tenants and fill vacancies more quickly. Room Planner's 3D tools help property managers market properties effectively, save time, and grow their business.


National rental property management firms send staff to visit homes on the market to determine if they are worth purchasing. Clients frequently inquire about potential renovations, such as knocking down walls or adding a bathroom. Utilizing a digital twin saves property owners significant time and hassle. Properties with a digital twin receive 38% more applications, rent 30 days faster on average, and produce 101% more leads, ultimately resulting in increased returns and cost savings for property owners.




With Room Planner, you can modernize your operations and take your business to the next level. Try our app today and see how it can transform your property management process!

  • Create perfect 3D tours with your phone fast and easy

  • Share home improvement ideas with clients

  • Gain the competitive edge and promote your property listing with outstanding visualizations

  • Proud of your space? Share it! Give the access to project to your client and let him play with furniture arangement, finishes and decor

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