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Interior Design
3D Software

Room Planner designed specifically for interior designers like you. With our cutting-edge tools and resources, you can take your design projects to new heights and create stunning spaces that exceed your clients' expectations. Discover the possibilities that await you with our advanced 3D layouts, floor plans, real-brands furniture, and more.

Room Planner


Save your time – create professional interior designs easily, just in a couple of hours

Get floor plans, realistic visualizations, VR tours, shopping list, architect statistics, auto PDF report

Learn tutorials, collect your portfolio and sell ready projects


More than 1 million designers using Room Planner monthly to create attractive interiors

من السهل

تم تصميم تطبيق Room Planner لتبسيط الاحتياجات اليومية لمصممي الديكور الداخلي - جميع الأدوات التي تحتاجها داخل هاتفك أو جهازك اللوحي



مخطط طابق التصميم

لديك طريقتان للإنشاء  مخطط أرضي وأنماط مختلفة من التصورات مثل مخططات الأرضيات الملونة والمعمارية وثلاثية الأبعاد


ديكور داخلي

لدينا كتالوج ضخم من الأثاث والأشياء الداخلية من المتاجر الداخلية الشهيرة



أنشئ صورًا بدقة 4K و 360 جولة غير محدودة ، وشارك المشاريع الجاهزة مع عملائك واجمع محفظتك

Upgrade your interior design experience with Room Planner

Interior designers are choosing Room Planner to save time & efforts during the work on a layout and visualizations. 

"I really like the Room Planner app because of its mobility. It's always with me, whether I'm on vacation at the beach, in the car, or at work. I don't have to rush to the computer and wait for 5 hours to try out a different tile in my project or see its size. I can simply take my phone and make changes instantly. I'm especially delighted with the development of Room Planner. There are a lot of new items, and you can even upload the ones you need yourself, like a chandelier model, and so on. The program is constantly updated, becoming better and more comprehensive."

@ Victoria Ogryzkova,
Room Planner user

Find out which is real

photo_2023-06-02 15.17.31.jpeg
photo_2023-06-02 15.17.33.jpeg
photo_2023-06-09 15.28.51.jpeg
photo_2023-06-09 15.28.52.jpeg
photo_2023-06-09 15.28.53.jpeg
photo_2023-06-09 15.28.54.jpeg

Inspire by bank of ready-made interior designs and start creating you own.

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